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SANAMAR is a company dedicated to trade and frozen food.
We have been a professional company since 1979. We supply our products efficiently to wholesalers, restaurants, fishmongers, frozen food shops, supermarkets, hotels or any establishment that wants to work with us.

In SANAMAR we display the professionalism and product knowledge we have acquired over the years. We base our work on effort and personal commitment, because with it, we can reach our main goal: full customer satisfaction.
We advise and help our customers as much as possible because in a market as complex as this it is essential to anticipate movements in the sector and we continue to serve on an ongoing basis, with quality and competitive pricing.

Our raw material is selected with care and attention to ensure that our products are of high quality. With a portfolio of over 500 products we try to cover all the needs of our customers whatever their type of business.
If you are looking for a special and reliable supplier, we invite you to enjoy the SANAMAR experience.

We can offer you 3 points of sale, plus a fleet of vehicles to reach any point of the Iberian Peninsula.

If you want to work with us, learn more about us  here .

"From our PEOPLE
comes our STRENGTH"



Congelados Machuca Gutierrez (original name from Sanamar) was created in 1979 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of two partners: Francisco Gutiérrez and Pedro Machuca. After a brief time working in the fish sector, they decided to embark on the adventure of creating one of the first companies in Andalusia based solely on the marketing of frozen food. They are situated in a salting factory in the fish market in the port of Málaga (the original point of sale that is still ongoing).

After a tough start, their efforts paid off and the company began to grow, taking a risk in the mid-80s by building a large industrial building in the Polígono Guadalhorce which continues to be the nerve centre of Sanamar . In 1995 both partners took the difficult decision to separate their professional lives leaving Francisco Gutiérrez with 100% ownership.

After the turn of the century and the owner’s retirement, their children took over the company and became committed to creating a new outlet in Mercamálaga . In recent years, their commitment to innovation while still respecting the values of its founders and the skill of its employees has been a clear step forward in the company and  has resulted in a significant annual increase in its turnover. In 2016 they took the decision to change the name of the company to Sanamar Food SL

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We are a company dedicated to the development and wide distribution of frozen seafood, but also work with precooked meats, vegetables and canned products. Our mission, vision and values ​​are:


Our mission is to sell the best wholesale seafood, vegetables, meats, pre-cooked and canned-foods. In addition, we are dedicated to the craftsmanship of our seafood. To meet the needs of wholesalers and professionals of all kinds, fully and effectively, is one element of our mission. We currently work for the entire Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), although our desire in the near future, is to gradually open up new international markets. The permanent availability of our flagship products (KingClip, squid, cuttlefish, flounder, hake and swordfish) is one of our competitive advantages.


Working to grow and grow to provide high quality service are the two basic pillars of SANAMAR. In this globalised world, we believe that it is vital to be completely involved in other markets, hitherto unknown to us. With effort and enthusiasm we are fully confident of maintaining maximum competitiveness. The commitment to new technologies and the introduction of innovative processes introduced in all areas of the company will contribute to achieving our business objectives.


The values ​​that mark the actions and behaviour of SANAMAR in the sector are:

  • People: We guarantee professional development opportunities based on merit and the proactivity of our employees.
  • Teamwork: We encourage participation and the sharing of information and knowledge.
  • Proximity: The proximity maintained with our customers and suppliers.
  • Passion: We are committed with hearts and mind to provide satisfaction for our customers.
  • Results oriented: Our actions are directed towards achieving lifelong goals within our business plan, always trying to exceed expectations.