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Globalisation makes it clear that social responsibility is required not only of governments, but of companies and individuals.

Anna Lindh

Corporate Social Responsibility

We can not agree more with this statement of policy by Anna Lindh. Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the pillars supporting the project SANAMAR POWER and we can even look beyond it and find the concept of innovation to go ahead in the new paradigm.

To meet these social needs we will try to identify opportunities to develop ideas and test technologies to find and serve new markets and to solve business problems.


Undoubtedly, our employees are for us the most important part of our vision of CSR.

In our opinion, successful companies of the future will be those who choose to align the values ​​of the company with the personal values ​​of employees.

Most talented employees want to develop work that contributes to society and want to do it in the hands of a company where their views are important and taken into account.

Our vision of the actions of our employees makes no sense if we do not provide them with some career plans in which to develop professionally.


So that SANAMAR FOOD can continue with the philosophy of Congelados Machuca Gutierrez, it has to have the lasting objective of promoting job creation within its company.

Collaboration with disadvantaged groups are among other projects we are currently developing.

We also support grassroots football in the province through collaborations with various Malaganian teams.

Future plans such as creating schools’ workshops to improve employability in the sector, are just another sample of our continuing concern about the society in which we live.

Food safety

There would be no project SANAMAR without our constant concern for the implementation of continuous improvement systems, by incorporating the best and most qualified professionals, with the ultimate goal of certifying each and every one of our processes to suit standards required quality.

SANAMAR FOOD, apart from maintaining a high level of self – imposed standards, requires its suppliers to be aware of the importance of full compliance with all regulations concerning quality.

SANAMAR is a business growing in value and is perfectly adapted to the new competitive scenario where CSR is one of our main concerns.